bugfix for polar plotting range

I recently received advice on how to fix the issue with polar plots and incomplete drawing ranges. It turned out to be related to an order of operations issue in a distance formula, where a square root of a negative number was incorrectly performed before the negative number was squared.

This was recently pointed out to me, and a simple addition of some parenthesis appears to have done the trick. I have submitted the updated version to CTAN and it should be posted soon.

I am very grateful for all the feedback I have received, and hope to continue to receive bug reports and suggestions to improve this package.


~ by Jeff Hein on 2011/06/27.

3 Responses to “bugfix for polar plotting range”

  1. tikz-3dplot is exactly what I needed to make 3d sketches, thanks a lot for your work.
    But unfortunately the tdplotdrawpolytopearc function seems to be damaged: Using the example from the documentation the angle arc doesn’t work as shown in the picture, the angle is wrong (about 180 degrees too wide). Axes and lines look exactly as shown in the picture.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for bringing this up. I’ll see what I can do and let you know when I have made some progress.


    • Hi again Tom,

      I’m happy to report that I finally got enough nerve to crack open this project and find the bug. It looks like I’ve fixed it without breaking anything else, and the new version should be on the CTAN soon.

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